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Youth Group Launches "Get to Know" Sessions to Connect Young People with Job Opportunities

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The "Get to Know" sessions are designed to create a virtual space where young individuals can engage with Youth Group and explore the multitude of job opportunities on offer. 

These interactive sessions allow participants to learn about the different roles within the network, understand the skills and qualifications required, and get a glimpse of the team behind Youth Group.

These virtual sessions provide young individuals with the opportunity to learn more about the various job roles available within the network. By participating in these weekly check-ins, young people can gain valuable insights, connect with team members, and take the next step towards exciting career opportunities.

"We are thrilled to introduce the 'Get to Know' sessions as part of our ongoing commitment to empower young individuals," said Jack Parsons, Chief Executive Officer at Youth Group. "These sessions provide a platform for young people to discover and connect with the opportunities available within our network, taking them one step closer to their dream careers."

During the "Get to Know" sessions, participants will have the chance to explore the various job opportunities available and get their profiles set up on the platform, enabling them to apply for the roles that align with their interests and aspirations. This step serves as a vital action towards pursuing their desired career paths within the network.

Furthermore, participants will be guided to complete a mentoring session on the Youth Group platform called "Youth Space." This session aims to provide valuable guidance, support, and insights from experienced mentors within the network, fostering personal and professional growth for young individuals.

The response to the launch of the "Get to Know" sessions has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 500 young people signing up within the first 60 seconds. This enthusiastic participation demonstrates the eagerness of young individuals to connect with Youth Group and explore the diverse range of opportunities available.

"We are delighted by the overwhelming interest in the 'Get to Know' sessions," added Jack Parsons. "This incredible response highlights the eagerness of young people to engage with our network and take proactive steps towards their career aspirations."

Youth Group remains committed to empowering young individuals by providing a platform that connects them with valuable job opportunities, mentorship, and resources. The "Get to Know" sessions serve as an important avenue for young people to discover, connect, and move closer to their desired careers.

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