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Youth Group breaks into the top 25 UK startups this year

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Youth Group breaks into the top 25 UK startups this year, out of the thousands of startups in the country, and it’s a brand we’re proud to feature. 

Youth Group has just secured a spot in the top 25 UK startups, and said "we couldn't be more excited to feature this innovative brand."

But what makes Youth Group stand out? 

Everyone is well aware of how difficult it can be for young people, especially those from specific backgrounds, to break into the world of growing their careers. That's where Youth Group comes in - to demystify the employment process and help young people get a foothold in a realm that can be hard to break into.

In just four years since its inception, Youth Group has already helped over 95,000 young people find their footing in their careers. Unlike many in the talent sector, Youth Group prides itself on a simple pricing structure that makes it appealing to partners. It has also established diverse partnerships with businesses such as Verizon and TalkTalk, and a young team who understands the struggles of today's youth.

Youth Group is not just a touchpoint for young people seeking careers, but it is also in contact with businesses in need of labor resources. By matching businesses with young employees that fit their needs, all three parties stand to gain. This compassionate recruitment agency is looking to help those who are disenfranchised while serving a business's best interests.

Of course, it hasn't all been smooth sailing for Youth Group. Its early challenge was finding the right people with the right digital skills to digitalize the work they are doing, especially for a business that is so heavily tied to the human experience. 

However we overcame this challenge by reaching out to digital experts who gave them good advice on building a strategy for finding the right people to help them turn their idea into digital reality.

Youth Group aims to help a million young people every year, looking to make a tangible difference in youth unemployment in a sustainable way. By earning the trust of more businesses and young people, Youth Group wants to become a force in the world of youth recruitment for years to come.