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JCDecaux to become Youth Verified® by partnering with Youth Group.

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JCDecaux begins Youth Group’s youth verification process, widely known as Youth Verified® which is the uk's largest youth verification network.

JCDecaux UK is part of the world’s largest digital Out-of-Home advertising business. You’ll have used or seen JCDecaux’s products, services and communication channels, even if you didn’t realise that it was JCDecaux - because their business is at the heart of communities in more than 80 countries across the world. They reinvest 50p in every £1 of advertising into the communities they serve, providing innovative, environmentally-responsible, well-designed infrastructure such as bus shelters and public defibrillators, designed to make cities better for everyone.

JCDecaux has made the commitment to work towards becoming a Youth Verified® company. Young people are the future of business and preparing them with the right skills and opportunity, will enable them to thrive. Youth Verified® was created to build the trust contract between businesses and young people. Youth brand equity is extremely important and youth verified® give businesses the youth brand equity superpower they need to reach our community of 1.7million young people.

Youth Verified® enables JCDecaux to access youth space® which is the youth super-app for young people to access jobs, mentors, money and skills. For more information about Youth Group, and what it means to be Youth Verified®.

Carly Stanley, People Director at JCDecaux:

We want to make sure that everyone has a place at JCDecaux UK, as for us that will put us in the best place possible for creativity and innovation. I am really pleased and excited to be working with Leon and all the team at the Youth Group and can’t wait to see the opportunities for both us as a business and members of the Youth Group community, that will come from this partnership.

Leon Marseglia, Chief Operating Officer at Youth Group:

It’s great to have JCDecaux showcasing their drive to supporting young people and their commitment to becoming a youth verified® brand. The rigorous youth verification process will highlight their youth-superpowers as well as enhancements. I know that the team at JCDecaux will take on any recommendations with 100% drive to grow and become an even more youth-first place for young people to thrive.