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Brand Partnership Group grows as Jack Parsons, the UK’s leading Youth Expert continues as advisor to the board.

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Jack Parsons appointed as advisor to Brand Partnership Group board to support youth issues and diversity and inclusion.

Jack Parsons, the high-profile CEO of Youth Group, the organisation which enables millions of young people to access skills, mentors and careers, continues to advise the board of Brand Partnership Group as it grows exponentially. Brand Partnership Group is the UK based multi-agency enterprise that specialises in commercial brand partnerships and brand engagement partnerships. It employs 500 people and has an annual turnover of £35 million.

Brand Partnership Group has long supported young people setting out on their careers and last year created Brand Partnership Foundation to provide a lasting legacy supporting people across all walks of life, working with partners including Jack’s Youth Group to motivate and mentor future working generations by giving access to products, programs and digital skills.

Jack’s non-exec role sees him advising on youth issues as well as diversity and inclusion. He will also be involved with innovation and partnership development.

Andrew Leaver, The Brand Partnership Group CEO, says: “It’s great to have Jack continue to join me as an advisor to support us as pioneers of brand partnerships for lasting and emotional connections across our group of agencies. Jack continues to inspire me, as well as the youth of today and tomorrow. And I'm proud to have him involved on many exciting projects but most importantly on our joint ambition to create one million measurable opportunities for 18-30-year-olds over the next three years.”

Jack Parsons says: “I can’t wait to continue to work with Brand Partnership and to make sure we deliver on our promises to young people. This incredible group of companies already do great work creating opportunities for others and that we can do even more is exciting and important.”