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About group.

Our goal is simple.

We're on a mission to enable young people to thrive with work.

Jack Parsons
Chief Executive Officer of Youth Group

Named one of UK’s kindest leaders. Jack get's things done. Started Youth Group to enable millions of young people to access jobs, skills and mentors. Also Known as The UK's Chief Youth Officer - A public figure that champions the interests of all young people across the country.

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Leon Marseglia
Chief Operating Officer at Youth Group

Leon Marseglia is a young entrepreneur. Leon grew up outside of London in a city voted worst places to live in the Great Britain. Leon is passionate about taking the 'dis' out of disadvantaged.

Youth Group Says:

Our group.

The leading youth experts that enables young people and businesses to thrive.
Our mission is to create meaningful work for young people, and we do this by providing them with the tools they need to manage their own career.

We are a leading group of youth brands that includes Youth Verified®, Youth Space®, Youth Mentors® and Youth Recruit®. We offer a wide range of products and services, including engaging, recruiting, marketing and training.
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