For Companies

To be the largest youth brand, connecting young people with real opportunities

Our Why

The Youth Group is a youth first business that provides young people with the tools they really need to get ahead and grow in work. On the flip side, we also help enterprise, government and education to engage, recruit and support youth. We wholeheartedly believe in the potential of all young people and care deeply about young people and their futures.

The Youth Group understands young people. We have a clear focus to enable young people thrive in today’s world, in communities where young people need our help.

Our Core Values

It is so important for our business to have values that define us and that we stand by. We uphold three values that are the guiding principles that our business uses to manage our internal organisation as well as our relationships with young people and enterprise.

Be Bold

We are courageous in our decision making and ideas, we look for ways to do things differently, we embrace change and innovation, and we aren’t afraid to take smart risks.

Be Honest

We feel comfortable enough to say what we think, and we’re comfortable enough to be critical when it’s the right thing to do. We are open, but humble. We are quick to admit mistakes and take ownership for our ideas and actions.

Be Kind

You don’t know what is taken for someone to get out of bed in the morning. We believe that kindness is a superpower and you should always put it first.

Our Movement

Our global movement will see us directly supporting millions of young people across the world into meaningful employment opportunities, helping them gain new skills and providing real, relatable mentorship.

Our focus is on helping young people and enterprise across the word. The movement will continue until we achieve the 2 million pledge, and we will work until we have put 2 million young people in to work across the world.